Work ethics 职业道德

At Silk Road Films, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We believe that integrity, honesty, and transparency are essential in all aspects of our work, from our interactions with clients and partners to our production processes and the stories we tell.

As such, we have established an ethical code that guides our actions and decisions:

  1. Respect for Diversity: We embrace diversity and inclusivity in all our productions, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of each culture we represent.

  2. Authenticity and Accuracy: We strive for authenticity and accuracy in our storytelling, respecting the history, traditions, and beliefs of the communities we represent.

  3. Responsible Filmmaking: We are committed to responsible filmmaking practices that prioritize the safety and well-being of our crew, cast, and the communities we work with.

  4. Respect for Intellectual Property: We respect the intellectual property rights of others, seeking appropriate permissions and licenses for all copyrighted material used in our productions.

  5. Transparency and Accountability: We maintain open communication with our clients and partners, providing transparent information about our production processes and being accountable for our actions.

We believe that by adhering to these ethical principles, we can create meaningful and impactful films that promote cultural understanding and inspire positive change.



  1. 尊重多样性:我们在所有制作中拥抱多样性和包容性,展示每个我们代表的文化的美丽和独特性。

  2. 真实和准确:我们努力讲述真实和准确的故事,尊重我们代表的社区的历史、传统和信仰。

  3. 负责任的电影制作:我们致力于负责任的电影制作实践,优先考虑我们的工作人员、演员和我们合作的社区的安全和福祉。

  4. 尊重知识产权:我们尊重他人的知识产权,为我们制作中使用的所有受版权保护的材料寻求适当的许可和许可证。

  5. 透明和负责任:我们与我们的客户和合作伙伴保持开放的沟通,提供关于我们制作流程的透明信息,并对我们的行动负责。